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Qui est Nao 638x314 UK

NAO is a humanoid robot. NAO is intended to be a true daily
friendly companion around the house. 

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About us Aldebaran 314x314 UK

Our ambition: create robots for the well-being of humans ...

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Worldwide leader in humanoid robotics

Développeur 314x314 UK

Become an actor in humanoid robotics. Imagine and create the uses of tomorrow ...

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News Bruno 638x314 UK

Bruno Maisonnier, CEO and founder of Aldebaran, talks about his vison of the robotics consumer market.

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Become a distributor

Distributeurs 314x314 UK

Work with Aldebaran and enter this great robotics adventure.

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Contact us

Contact us 314x314 uk

If you're considering buying robots, developing apps, or anything else robot-related, simply answer a few questions and we'll get in touch right away.

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Shape the world 314x638 UK

Learn by doing with NAO!

Education 314x628 UK

From primary school and special education to research, NAO assists with the development and progress of thousands of schoolchildren, university students, and researchers.

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